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Handcrafted BBQ

Mattar Gear

Reign School of Live Fire

There’s no wizardry in barbecue. That doesn’t mean it’s not magic. Learn what how live fire cuisine is the first cuisine known to man and is still the most simple and extravagant ingredient ad cooking technique in the world. How to setup your smoker for an 18-hour cook? How to choose your fuel source? What word goes with which meat and even how to make dessert. The Reign School of Live Fire is the first and only school of its kind and has classes for the beginner all the way to the executive chef.

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Artisan Butcher Shop

Get to know your butcher. You’ll be glad you did. All of the highest quality cuts we hand select with our trained butchers for you to have what’s on our restaurant table, on your kitchen table. Our butchery is everything you know and love about our restaurants, at your friendly neighbourhood shop. Delivered fresh and always fresh, all natural and crafted with care. If it’s in the shop, then we’ve taken great care of it and there take great pride in it. Made by our family, for yours.

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